Now a days India is one of the fastest growing country in this globalised world. There are various types of demand for various products across the world. So taking it as a responsibility to fulfil the demand of the market by supplying the exact product to their destination
UNIQUEGRID INTERNATIONAL sows its seed to grow up a tree having all fruits; whose branches reach all over the world.

We are exporting high quality & premium tiles with our best service across the globe.

Uniquegrid International identified the growth potential as an export Sector early on and sketched out its strategy to reach all corners of the world over time.

The Our Products & Service is recognised in many leading nations.Uniquegrid International, like its name, provides customized and uniquely designed tiles to customers with different cultures from different countries.

We have a special division that handles distribution and network of international agents and they only takes care of the special needs of the foreign market.

We do not stick or focus on a particular area to set up our market, in fact our main focus is to reach each & every countries in the world.


We Export Our Products World Wide

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